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Hello and welcome here! I am Ivett Szabados and this is my Hungarian website with blogposts and e-learning materials.

The reason I started an English page on this website was that John Michaloudis (MVP, MyExcelOnline) was so kind that he invited me to his annual podcast episode among the greatest Excel experts to share my tip. Thank you again, John! :)

I thought it might be easier to see and follow the steps in writing with pictures. I also added the sample Excel file so you can download and practice along.

I would appreciate it if you contact me via LinkedIn, it would be great if you can give me feedback regarding the blogpost(s).

Thank you for being here and reading the blog 😊

Append tables from workbook – Power Query

2021-12-14T16:17:44+02:00 által|Kategóriák: Excel Tips in English|

I am a huge fan of Excel Power Query! You can automate, clean and transform your data, compare tables and so much more. In this post I show you how to append tables within an Excel workbook. Append tables within an Excel workbook When you need to append tables from the current workbook, [...]

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